Youth Sailing Instruction

Join MCSC’s Youth Sailing Program and sail on Lake Michigan. Even if you’ve never sailed before‚ you can learn.

Our youth program incorporates a hands-on approach to the basics of sailing and water safety. Students learn boat handling‚ sail theory‚ rules of the road and they learn and practice crew overboard-maneuvering skills along with capsize recovery skills.

Cost for the two-week sailing courses is: $240
Cost for the one-week courses (STEM and SailVenture): $400

** Since COVID is still present‚ classes are grouped by vaccination status in order to provide safety to our young sailors. Our Non-Vaccinated groups are kept smaller in order to provide reduced exposure‚ and as much social distancing as possible. If your child is not vaccinated‚ please choose from one of the courses labeled YL-NV(Not-Vaccinated).

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