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November - April

Introduction to Sailing 2020

Introduction to Sailing FEE - $45

Offered Wednesdays‚ 6 – 8 pm Nov 4‚ Dec 2‚ Jan 6‚ Feb 3‚ March 3‚ April 7

This is a two-hour course that takes you through the theory of sailing‚ as well as teaching basic skills like tacking and gybing. Learn the parts of the boat that are important for the new sailor to know‚ and talk to an expert about questions you have as a new person to sailing. This is not meant for people who have already been through MCSC classes. Instead‚ this is for people brand new to sailing who want to learn some basics before enrolling in classes. This course includes the US Sailing Basic Keelboat book. ONLINE

***Students who take this introductory class and then sign up to take an MCSC class in 2021 can apply $25 of the online course fee to your 2021 Adult Basic class.***
May 27‚ 2020

MCSC Facility Use during COVID-19

*Masks required while anywhere in the building‚ and on or near the docks
*3-person maximum allowed in Challenge or Integrity classrooms
*Bathrooms to remain open with a 2-person maximum occupancy.  *Common facility “touch points” will be wiped down frequently
*Snacks‚ water‚ sodas and coffee have been moved behind the desk but are still available.  Office staff will be happy to help you with purchase
*Please do not use the water/drinking fountains.  Please plan to bring your own water bottles or purchase one at the front desk
November - April

What Do You Know?

“What do you know?”
MCSC members come from all walks of life‚ and we thought it would be fun to hear from them this winter! The third Thursday of every month‚ from 6-7 pm‚ you can log on and learn about the viola‚ nutrition‚ cooking quick vegan meals‚ BBQ favorites‚ and more. If you have a share-able work topic or fun hobby you would like to share‚ let us know and we can add you to the roster of speakers. Each talk is about 20 minutes‚ with questions for the expert afterwards. Nov. 19‚ Dec. 17‚ Jan 21‚ Feb 18‚ March 18‚ April 15.

**This is a free‚ online classes. We do need to know you are coming in order to send you the link to the talks‚ so please do call or email the office so that we can get you that information. The links to each will be the same for the entire season.

[email protected]

Tentative line-up of speakers:
November: Jamie--Backyard BBQ
December: Sabine--Easy Vegan meals
January: Robert--The viola!
February:Holly--stained glass

Book Club

Free and open to the public!

Nov 10‚ Dec 8‚ Jan 12‚ Feb 9‚ Mar 9‚ Apr 13
6:00 – 7:00 pm

Join the 7th year of Book Club! Book Club will meet to discuss the latest great read—usually sailing or water related. Please RSVP to the office so that we know to expect you and can send you the link to our discussion [email protected]). Books in monthly order: Typhoon (Conrad); As Long As It’s Fun (Pardey); Breverton’s Nautical Curiosities (Breverton); Black Jacks (Bolster); The Wave Watcher’s Companion (Pretor-Pinney); The Count of Monte Cristo (Dumas).

November - April

Chapman’s Book Club

Spend the winter reading one of *the* books that all skippers should read: Chapman Piloting: Seamanship and Small Boat Handling. We will choose a section of interest each month and talk about‚ work through‚ and discuss what we read‚ questions we have‚ or how we apply these to our own sailing. The second Wednesday of every month from 6-7 p.m. Nov. 11‚ Dec. 9‚ Jan 13‚ Feb 10‚ March 10‚ April 14.

**This is a free‚ online classes. We do need to know you are coming in order to send you the link to the talks‚ so please do call or email the office so that we can get you that information. The links to each will be the same for the entire season.

[email protected]
Tuesday‚ January 5‚ 6-8 pm

Dealing with the Unexpected

Will you know how to handle your boat and your crew when the unexpected arrives? What about if your mainsheet comes unbolted or your backstay snaps in a strong breeze or your tiller cracks? Join Tom Holman as we explore some ideas during this interactive class geared for those “Uh oh!” moments that every sailor eventually experiences. Hybrid
Thursday‚ January 7‚ 6-8 pm

Cruising 101

Great Lakes cruiser Jeff Bird talks about what cruising is‚ and why it’s fun! We’ll talk about destinations on the Great Lakes‚ marinas‚ and what to expect when traveling and vacationing via sailboat. A class for prospective charterers‚ boat owners‚ or crew who want to see what cruising is about. Online
January 11 through April 15

Boat Maintenance and Repair

Runs every week: January 11 – April 15

Mondays at 5:30 pm and Thursdays at 10:30 am

Help get the MCSC fleet back in shape for spring! Here’s a chance for experience with sanding‚ varnishing‚ fiberglass preparation‚ woodworking‚ marine painting‚ and more. No registration required at this time. To prevent crowding‚ we will be limiting BMR to five participants per session. In the event that we get more volunteers‚ we will ask for registration. In-person

Note: There is no BMR on Jan 18.
Wednesday‚ January 27

French Polynesia Cruising; aka Long Live-a-board

French Polynesia Cruising; aka How to do a loooong live-a-board

Free—no charge. Sign up today by emailing [email protected]

Wednesday‚ January 27‚ 6-7:30

Russ Whitford will be talking about cruising in French Polynesia‚ as well as offering depictions of what it is like to be a long-liveaboard cruiser. Russ and his partner Lisa have been living and cruising on their boat S/V Tumultuous Uproar for almost six years!

Tuesday‚ January 19‚ 6-8 pm

Heavy Weather Sailing

MCSC Instructor Kristin Pratt will talk about strategies for sailing in heavy weather‚ including heaving-to‚ reefing on the water‚ using a traveler‚ and sailing through waves. This is *not* a Heavy Air class; rather‚ it is a class to teach some of the skills that you might find useful in stronger winds. Hybrid
Tuesday‚ January 26‚ 6-8 pm

What’s In Your Sailbag?

Instructor Kristin Pratt will discuss what you should bring with you when sailing‚ where to find the gear you need‚ and how to use tools every sailor should bring along for the ride. Whether you going to be sailing for two hours or two weeks‚ this class is for you! Hybrid
Tuesday‚ February 2‚ 6-8 pm

Basics of Boat Ownership: Maintenance

An important part of boat ownership is setting up and following maintenance schedules. Are you already Bristol Fashion or blissfully unaware? Either way‚ you’ll get information to help you plan recommended pre-‚ post-‚ and in-season projects. Get the big picture about maintaining your sailboat. Join Phyllis McDonald as she goes through the basics of boat maintenance—beyond sanding and painting. This is an excellent class for new or prospective boat owners. Online
Thursday‚ January 28‚ 6-8 pm

Cruising Boat Systems

A traditional cruising sailboat‚ in addition to being a sailboat and a powerboat‚ is a complicated machine that several people can live on for an extended period of time. Great Lakes cruiser Jeff Bird talks about many of the systems on a cruising boat BESIDES the engine and sails. We’ll talk about plumbing‚ waste‚ electrical‚ refrigeration‚ propane‚ ventilation‚ and electronics. An introduction for prospective charterers or those considering owning a cruising boat. Online
Thursday‚ February 4‚ 6-8 pm

VHF Radios

VHF radios are used to communicate with MCSC‚ other boat traffic‚ the Coast Guard‚ bridge operators‚ and with marinas. Not sure of the proper radio procedures? Jeff Bird will help unravel the mysteries of that VHF radio! Bring your own VHF radio‚ if you have one. This class is recommended for all rated or prospective Heavy Air skippers. Online
Thursday‚ February 11‚ 6-8 pm

Basic Sail Trim and Shape

Jared Drake will help you explore the technical side of how to change the shape of your sail and how that affects your boat’s performance and the forces acting on your boat. This is a good foundation as you move into the practical application of sail trim in other classes and on the water. In-person
Thursday‚ February 18‚ 6-8 pm

Catching a Mooring Ball

Getting on and off of a mooring requires complex thinking and the use of many basic sailing skills. Instructor Kristin Pratt will give you strategies for getting off and onto a mooring ball‚ including navigating the mooring basin at MCSC. This class is recommended for people who want to earn a Medium Air rating‚ or who would like to be more confident in taking and returning a boat to and from a mooring. Hybrid
Tuesday‚ February 16‚ 6-8 pm

Chartering 101

Are you interested in chartering but don’t even know what you need to know? Terri Schmidt and Bob Heil will give you the basics of what you should know about bareboat chartering (that means chartering a boat without a captain)‚ like: “What is provided on a bareboat charter?” “Do I need to bring towels?” “Can I just pick up the boat and go?” “Should I bring a GPS?” “How do I get from the boat to shore?” “What is a chart briefing?” Bring your questions! Hybrid
Thursday‚ February 25‚ 6-8 pm

Spinnaker Basics

MCSC’s own Jared Drake teaches this dry-land theory-based course as he discusses the use of spinnakers in everyday sailing. Learn the different parts of the sail and the lines and learn how to set‚ fly‚ and douse your “chute”. In person
Tuesday‚ February 23‚ 6-8 p.m.

MKE Weather

Milwaukee along the shore and on Lake Michigan has a microclimate that means that conditions are not always what is forecasted for the city itself. Join Ken Quant as he takes you through the local wind and weather systems: how they form‚ and what it means to you as a sailor. Hybrid
Tuesday‚ March 2‚ 6-8 pm

Cruising the North Channel

Explore the dramatic wilderness anchorages of the North Channel with cruiser Jeff Bird. With a varied combination of pine and rock formations‚ cliffs‚ islands‚ and bays‚ this cruising ground is within reach of Great Lakes sailors. We’ll discuss where to go‚ how to get there‚ and how to prepare. Online
Thursday‚ March 4‚ 6-8 pm

All About Ensigns!

The Ensign is the largest class of full keel sailboats in North America‚ with over 2000 boats manufactured since 1962. At 30 boats‚ the fleet at MCSC is one of the largest in the country‚ serving as the workhorse of the Sailing Center’s fleet. Ensign owner Dick Beverly will present a history of the Ensign with emphasis on design elements‚ comparing it with more "modern" sailboats. Learn how to get the most performance out of the MCSC Ensigns as rigged‚ and gain a new appreciation for this remarkable craft. Online
Tuesday‚ March 9‚ 6-8 pm

Race Starts

Want to race but afraid to start? Not sure how it all works? Worried about congestion and the speed at which it all happens? Want to improve your starting skills? Want to win a start once in a while? Nick Hayes breaks down the first six minutes of a race - how to plan‚ how to be safe‚ knowing the fundamental rules‚ understanding the clock‚ where to be positioned and why‚ and of course‚ what to do when the unexpected happens. Hybrid
Tuesday‚ March 23‚ 6-8 pm

Advanced Downwind Sail Trim

Nick Hayes will build on the basics from Advanced Upwind Sail Trim and continue to refine your trim and rig knowledge‚ teaching with an emphasis on spinnakers and introduction to “polars.” This is a great course for sailors with 2+ years of experience. Hybrid
Tuesday‚ March 16‚ 6-8 pm

Advanced Upwind Sail Trim

Nick Hayes will teach the importance of your sail’s shape‚ sail trim‚ and rig adjustments with a focus on upwind sailing. This is a great course for those with some experience (1+ years of sailing recommended). Hybrid
Wednesday‚ March 24

America’s Great Loop Route

America’s Great Loop Route
Free—no charge. To register: Email [email protected]

Wednesday‚ March 24‚ 6-7:30 p.m.

Join Looper Brian Adams for a talk on America’s Great Loop Route! He and his partner have completed the approx. 6000 mile loop twice‚ and some‚ and have a lot to teach‚ explain‚ and show. Hear about routes‚ planning‚ and more! This is a *free* talk.
Thursday‚ March 18‚ 6-8 pm

Don’t Fear the Cat(amaran)!

Don’t Fear the Cat(amaran) Fee $10
Thursday‚ March 18‚ 6-8 p.m.
Ken Quant has chartered 17 times‚ and almost half of those charters have been on a catamaran. As chartering companies move to more catamarans than monohulls‚ it is important to know before you go: there is nothing to fear about sailing a catamaran! Ken will cover the basic differences to know before you charter‚ as well as just answering any questions you might have. **Hybrid
Tuesday‚ March 30‚ 6 to 8 pm

Dryland Refresher for Returning Sailors

Shake out those winter cobwebs and review basic theory‚ terms and maneuvers. Rigging‚ docking‚ and crew-overboard drills are also covered. This class is a great way to prepare for the upcoming 2021 sailing season! Come with your questions. Online
Thursday‚ March 25‚ 6-8 pm

Women’s Introduction to Sailing

Join instructor Terri Schmidt for this introduction to sailing class for women. Brand new to sailing? Then this class is for you! This is a dryland introduction to the basic concepts of sailing. Learn some basic boat parts‚ points of sail‚ sail trim‚ tacking‚ gybing‚ and more. Hybrid

**This class offers the exact same curriculum as the other :Intro to Sailing" class‚ but will address the unique challenges faced by women in sailing.
Thursday‚ April 8‚ 6-8 pm

Personal Safety Afloat

Personal Safety Afloat Fee $10
Thursday‚ April 8‚ 6-8 p.m.
Brian Adams will help us increase the level of safety for our crew‚ ourselves‚ and our boats during this discussion. Whether you are a brand new sailor or a seasoned veteran‚ join us for a night dedicated to improving safety afloat! A must for any sailor! Hybrid
May 20‚ 2020

COVID-19 Update from MCSC

Updates on MCSC Operations from Holly Church‚ Director

We have made policy changes that will be in effect for the start of our summer sailing season.

While we know that this year will start out a bit more restrictively and that this is frustrating‚ we also know our members and guests want to keep themselves and those they love safe. Please understand that these policies have been made to protect everyone.

The Sailing Center is working daily to try to understand and comply with Federal‚ State‚ County‚ City and Park guidelines. The alternative to taking these precautions and following CDC guidelines to the best of our ability - is to not open at all - and that would be much worse than a temporary limit to the number of people on a boat‚ having to wear a mask or spacing yourselves appropriately. The inconveniences that we will all be faced with‚ will be GREATLY offset by the ability to get out and sail! Please keep a positive outlook and help us by cooperating with the regulations. We are excited to be opening and everything will work out for the best.

Please remember that even though staff at MCSC are doing their best to keep everyone as safe as possible‚ you will be sailing at your own risk.

Open Sailing
*7 days a week - Monday through Sunday – 10:00 am to Sunset
*Masks and full-fingered gloves will be required when anywhere near docks or on boats. They do not need to be sailing gloves. Regular gardening gloves will suffice. If you already have ¾ sailing gloves‚ you are welcome to use them provided you have some type of glove; neoprene‚ plastic or otherwise‚ underneath.

Temporary Open Sailing boat capacities:
*Ensigns -2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*Soling - 2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*Centerboards - 2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*J-24 - 2 people and no Heavy Air usage until further increased capacity. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*Misty & Reliance - 3 people and no Heavy Air usage until further increased capacity. 4-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household

A COVID-19 waiver has been added to check-out sheet and must be read‚ understood‚ accepted and initialed by all sailing participants

Life Jackets (PFD’s) will not be supplied by MCSC for this season. If you need a PFD‚ you can:
*Rent an MCSC PFD for the Summer:
If you would like to rent one of our (pre-worn‚ not lovely…
but completely effective) PFD’s‚ the cost for the entire summer is $20 for the first PFD‚ with any subsequent PFD’s rented at $10 each. There will be a $25 deposit for each PFD rented. When you return the PFD(s) at the end of the summer you will get your $25 deposit back. If you want to rent a PFD‚ please stop in the office to pick one up when you are in the area

*Purchase your own PFD

We will not require “Scheduled Sailing” to begin the season. We may alter this if demand for boats causes us to have large back-ups. Please do not congregate near the docks or the check-out trailer. Space yourselves accordingly and we will work to get everyone out on boats

A cell phone or VHF will be required to be onboard for every boat going out

Be prepared to dock your boat with your crew only – try to avoid assistance when possible

Even though MCSC prides itself on everyone being courteous‚ please try to avoid the common courtesy of helping others with lines unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage.

Members should bring their own disinfecting wipes to use on any surfaces that they touch when on the docks‚ slips‚ and grounds.

Enrichment Club (Saturday Spinnaker Club and Sunday Racing) is suspended until further notice.

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