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Friday‚ July 10‚ 2020

Lobster Boil

We are doing things a little differently this year!

"Join" us virtually for the Sailing Center’s Annual Lobster Boil Fundraiser!

Now! Certificates valid until September 30‚ 2020


Purchase $50 Certificates for Whole Maine Lobster Dinners at
St. Paul Fish Company at Milwaukee Public Market or in Mequon.
Purchase today at MCSC - certificates good through September 30 - Dinner includes -a one pound steamed Maine lobster served with fries‚ coleslaw and drawn butter.

For each purchased‚ $30 will be donated to MCSC for Ensign Restoration –

(Safely and responsibly) Gather some mates and email us photos‚ we’ll award MCSC Lobster Boil swag to those
making major contributions to our cause.

Remember‚ this is a fundraiser!

Whatever you want!

Help us finish restoring our fleet!
June 1‚ 2020

Adult Sailing Lessons during COVID-19

COVID-19 Update on Adult Sailing Lessons

Adult Basic
*All classroom time being done in advance via online curriculum and Zoom meetings
*Limited 1:1 student & instructor per Ensign for all on-the-water portions of the course unless 2 students from a quarantined household
*Require masks and full-fingered gloves
*Unsafe for sailing weather conditions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may include cancelled classes‚ online classes‚ online homework‚ pro-rated classes for cancellations and/or alternate sailing opportunities

Adult Intermediate and Advanced
*2 students on Ensigns‚ Solings and centerboards
*3 students on a J-24
*2 students and 1 instructor on cruising boats
*Require masks and full-fingered gloves
*Unsafe for sailing weather conditions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and may include cancelled classes‚ online classes‚ online homework‚ pro-rated classes for cancellations and/or alternate sailing opportunities
June 15‚ 2020

Youth and Prams Sailing Lessons during COVID-19

COVID-19 Update on Youth and Prams classes:

Below is information that is important for you to know *before* you bring your child to MCSC for their class:

All students will be asked to practice good hand hygiene‚ by washing hands frequently and using the hand sanitizer that is available on the MCSC and Discovery World grounds.

All students will be required to wear masks while on MCSC or Discovery World grounds‚ and in the building. They *will not* wear masks on their faces on the boats. Students are not required to wear gloves.

Due to COVID-19‚ we will not have indoor programming in case of inclement weather. We will email/call using the information we have been given if we are cancelling class. If there is unexpected weather‚ we can provide a temporary place for the students to be safe from the storm‚ but we will then call and email parents to pick up your child. We know that this will not be convenient for many of you‚ but in order to abide by COVID-19 safety recommendation and regulations‚ we cannot have all of the students gathered inside for any length of time.

Students will be sailing alone in Prams or modified small boats. If there are siblings or two students from a quarantined household‚ they can sail together‚ and will sail Catalina 14.2’s or 420’s‚ depending on skill level. Parents who want their student to sail with a friend or neighbor will be required to express that permission in writing‚ either via email or a written note.

We will maintain physical distancing where practical‚ but parents and guardians should be aware that in any emergency situation physical distancing will not be a priority.

If your student or a family member with whom they have been living has had a recent fever of 100 degrees or higher‚ a cough‚ or shortness of breath‚ within 14 days of starting classes‚ they will not be admitted to class. If they become ill during class‚ you will need to come pick up your student. We would be happy to reschedule your student for a class after being cleared by a physician.

You will be dropping off your student at the gate to MCSC. We will be doing a verbal health check with you at every drop off‚ to confirm their general health and that of their family. Your sailor is the only one who should exit the car‚ or come into the grounds‚ and we will have them go to a location on the grass. Pick up will be the same‚ in that we will keep students on the grass and have them come out to cars one at a time.

Prams in the Park students: Discovery World has been very generous in allowing us to use their docks and building in June and early July‚ as they are not yet officially open. Students will have specific times for bathroom breaks: breaks will be at 10:30‚ 12:30‚ 2:30‚ 3:30 at Discovery World. There are no restrictions for breaks at MCSC. If there is unexpected inclement weather‚ your students will be able to take shelter at Discovery World‚ but only temporarily‚ so you will be expected to pick them up in that case.
May 20‚ 2020

COVID-19 Update from MCSC

Updates on MCSC Operations from Holly Church‚ Director

We have made policy changes that will be in effect for the start of our summer sailing season.

While we know that this year will start out a bit more restrictively and that this is frustrating‚ we also know our members and guests want to keep themselves and those they love safe. Please understand that these policies have been made to protect everyone.

The Sailing Center is working daily to try to understand and comply with Federal‚ State‚ County‚ City and Park guidelines. The alternative to taking these precautions and following CDC guidelines to the best of our ability - is to not open at all - and that would be much worse than a temporary limit to the number of people on a boat‚ having to wear a mask or spacing yourselves appropriately. The inconveniences that we will all be faced with‚ will be GREATLY offset by the ability to get out and sail! Please keep a positive outlook and help us by cooperating with the regulations. We are excited to be opening and everything will work out for the best.

Please remember that even though staff at MCSC are doing their best to keep everyone as safe as possible‚ you will be sailing at your own risk.

Open Sailing
*7 days a week - Monday through Sunday – 10:00 am to Sunset
*Masks and full-fingered gloves will be required when anywhere near docks or on boats. They do not need to be sailing gloves. Regular gardening gloves will suffice. If you already have ¾ sailing gloves‚ you are welcome to use them provided you have some type of glove; neoprene‚ plastic or otherwise‚ underneath.

Temporary Open Sailing boat capacities:
*Ensigns -2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*Soling - 2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*Centerboards - 2 people. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*J-24 - 2 people and no Heavy Air usage until further increased capacity. 3-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household
*Misty & Reliance - 3 people and no Heavy Air usage until further increased capacity. 4-person exception if ALL are from a quarantined household

A COVID-19 waiver has been added to check-out sheet and must be read‚ understood‚ accepted and initialed by all sailing participants

Life Jackets (PFD’s) will not be supplied by MCSC for this season. If you need a PFD‚ you can:
*Rent an MCSC PFD for the Summer:
If you would like to rent one of our (pre-worn‚ not lovely…
but completely effective) PFD’s‚ the cost for the entire summer is $20 for the first PFD‚ with any subsequent PFD’s rented at $10 each. There will be a $25 deposit for each PFD rented. When you return the PFD(s) at the end of the summer you will get your $25 deposit back. If you want to rent a PFD‚ please stop in the office to pick one up when you are in the area

*Purchase your own PFD

We will not require “Scheduled Sailing” to begin the season. We may alter this if demand for boats causes us to have large back-ups. Please do not congregate near the docks or the check-out trailer. Space yourselves accordingly and we will work to get everyone out on boats

A cell phone or VHF will be required to be onboard for every boat going out

Be prepared to dock your boat with your crew only – try to avoid assistance when possible

Even though MCSC prides itself on everyone being courteous‚ please try to avoid the common courtesy of helping others with lines unless there is an immediate need to avoid injury or damage.

Members should bring their own disinfecting wipes to use on any surfaces that they touch when on the docks‚ slips‚ and grounds.

Enrichment Club (Saturday Spinnaker Club and Sunday Racing) is suspended until further notice.
May 27‚ 2020

MCSC Facility Use during COVID-19

*Masks required while anywhere in the building‚ and on or near the docks
*3-person maximum allowed in Challenge or Integrity classrooms
*Bathrooms to remain open with a 2-person maximum occupancy.  *Common facility “touch points” will be wiped down frequently
*Snacks‚ water‚ sodas and coffee have been moved behind the desk but are still available.  Office staff will be happy to help you with purchase
*Please do not use the water/drinking fountains.  Please plan to bring your own water bottles or purchase one at the front desk
*Hand Sanitizing Stations will be placed near the top of the dock ramp and near the front door of the office for additional hand sanitizing availability.

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