Events Open to the General Public

Saturday‚ October 13‚ 2019

Fall Clean-Up

Help batten down the hatches‚ winter prep the grounds and and put our sailing toys away for the winter. Bring your gardening gloves and wear your work boots as we close done the grounds for the cruel Wisconsin winter that lies ahead while sharing your best summer sailing stories with fellow sailors.
October 15‚ 2019

Fall Classes Starting!

Winterizing Your Boat!

Gene Cramer will lead you through the steps that every good boat owner should use to properly ready your boat for the upcoming winter months. Gene will also be ready to answer questions you may have‚ including (but definitely not limited to) readying your outboard or inboard engines‚ draining tanks‚ inspecting for repairs‚ and covering your boat.

Saturday‚ February 22‚ 2020

Milwaukee Public Museum event at MCSC

Join the Milwaukee Public Museum at MCSC for a fun morning of FREE hands-on learning. (Call or email to register‚ otherwise $1.00 online.)

10 am
The Beautiful World of Butterflies
Butterflies may be beautiful‚ but that’s not why they’re important! Learn about the residents of MPM’s Butterfly Vivarium while we get up close and personal with these fascinating animals. Participants will have an opportunity to observe real butterfly specimens under a microscope while exploring how special their wings really are.

11:30 am
Wisconsin Rocks!
Discover how Wisconsin’s landscape has evolved through time and what geology can tell us about our state’s past. Participants will get a chance to examine real fossils and use them to determine how Wisconsin’s geography has changed over millions of years.

These are for all ages--and we encourage families to come to MCSC and enjoy these special programs.

**These are FREE‚ but you need to call MCSC‚ or email‚ to RSVP.**
Call: 414-277-9094
Email: [email protected]

The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center and the Milwaukee Public Museum have teamed up to offer the MPM on the Move Outreach Program at MCSC. This program has something for everyone and includes hands-on learning opportunities led by the Milwaukee Public Museum’s experienced and talented educators. Thank you to Kohl’s Cares for paying for this programming!

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